Sunday, July 4, 2010

First impression

What would I do first when I look at a handwriting ?. I may sound a little strange here, but I would give importance to what my intuition says. That is, what would be my first impression of the handwriting.

I think, it is important to pay importance to your gut reaction. At this point, I would like to stress that I am no graphologist, all I have learnt is from some good books of graphology which I happened to get my hands on and I am writing I am writing all this just out my own interest.

Coming back to the subject, what I have noticed is that quite a few aspects of handwriting analysis is based on nothing but common sense. For example, when I look at the quality of the sheet of paper, I can infer something about the quality of his environment and most times those inferences would be correct. If I look at a person always writing on an expensive, very high quality sheet, I can assume that he is from a very well to do family. Rich people don't like to use low quality goods especially when they know that they can afford it and would make no big difference to their financial position, will they!!, and at the same time neither can I expect an average middle class person to use a very low quality papers all the time.

Next what I would look is, how pleasing to the eye it is. By 'pleasing to the eye', I don't mean how neat the handwriting is, but how balanced it is. Is the space between the words uniform ?, Is the space between the lines uniform ? How the margins are built in the page? Are the lines well placed or are loops hanging down between two successive lines ?

If there are some disturbances in the above mentioned questions, then there is definitely a lack of balance somewhere. What can these mean ? Think over, I shall answer these in the next post.


Delhi Detectives India said...

You are a Handwriting Analyst thanks for posting this info.

Aditya said...

well, i am not any handwriting analyst... its just that i have interest in this subject!

Jack Meis said...

Hello Aditya,

Your post is very nice and so much informative for me, you look like a professional blogger, please keep me update like this in future also.

Thanks for sharing.

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