Saturday, August 23, 2008

Intuition from Handwriting !!

Your handwriting can give a measure of how much you follow your instincts, or you take a decision based on your instincts. Intuition means " Derived from or prompted by a natural tendency or impulse. " It could also be called instinctive.

Intuitiveness can be seen in handwriting (graphology) by the breaks given between letters, that is the words are partly in cursive and partly disjoint. These people have unique intuitive abilities

So, are you intuitive?? It sometimes does help to be, and remember never ignore your gut feeling, who can tell, you may be right. Its personally happened to me on a number of occasions.


zoram said...

This is interesting, unfortunately my writing do not resemble the one in the pic :))
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getanswers said...

great post..informative..keep writing..

Anonymous said...

Wow this was very interesting
I always thought i had really bad handwriting even people always ask me why i write so hard now i know thank you for this article =] check out my blog