Saturday, July 5, 2008

What do you do to kill time - scribble something (doodles)??? - continued

This post is continued from 'What do you do to kill time - scribble something (doodles)???' see Part 1 here.

If your drawing has a variety of slants, then you are probably a very versatile person, and may be sometimes inconsistent in your behaviour. You are capable of doing many things competently.

If you draw tic-tac-toe symbols, you are a person to like competition, appreciate thinking and probably you are also a good planner.

If a doodler keeps writing check marks, that is ticks then, it points that the doodler may be skeptic. He needs encouragement. He might instinctively or habitually doubt or question, or disagree with assertions or generally accepted conclusions.

Pictures of ugly faces tells that the doodler has fear of others or self at that instant of time. It might also be a dislike of other people or self.

If you keep drawing brackets, it indicates you like to study facts and enjoy solving problems. You are a person who focuses on the problem as stated, synthesizes all the information and then achieve a solution.

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