Monday, July 14, 2008

Are you an Enthusiastic person

Are you Enthusiastic??

Enthusiasm could mean great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause. It could also mean a lively interest in something. It motivates others towards action. It is the confidence you get when doing something. It surely is good to be enthusiastic.

You sure like to be enthusiastic. Lets see what your Handwriting tells about that. It is revealed in your handwriting by the letter 't'. It is related to the size of your cross of 't' or size of your 't' bars, the larger the size of your 't' bars the more enthusiastic you are. A person who has a very small 't' bar length usually has the tag 'lethargic' strongly associated to him. Usually people with medium sized t bars are also enthusiastic but to a lesser degree than those with long sized ones.


The T'Shirt Freak said...

does this stuff really make a difference dude. My had writing sometimes changes after every paragraph... so what does that mean??

A friend said...

handwriting reflects what is there in your mind when you happens with everyone,it does make a difference with practice... there are scientific reasons for it

aryajayaprakash said...

I am happy that I am enthusiastic. Great blog.


Anonymous said...

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Aditya said...

Sorry I don't understand French and my friend in France is either very busy or on a mini-fight with me :)

I will still go ahead and publish your comment. :)