Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are you an aggressive person ??

Aggressive means "Inclined to behave in an actively hostile fashion" or it also could be "Intense or harsh approach towards other things or beings.

This aggressive nature could be shown in graphology. It is shown by the strokes going up in the lower zone of y,g,j,etc... See picture.

Notice the hard pressed upstrokes at the end of the 'q', 'y' ,'j', it could also be in the 'g'. This tells that the person is aggressive by nature. This person likes to assert himself in a physical manner and is more often than not physically aggressive. You can see such handwriting in people who play high intensity and physically violent sports like rugby,wrestling,etc...

This can be a positive or a negative trait, because there are certain situations where you need to be aggressive to come out of it. For example people who play sports have to be aggressive, fast bowlers in cricket or football players. On the other hand people who work in offices must be very careful not to offend their customers by their over-aggressiveness.

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