Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are you an aggressive person ??

Aggressive means "Inclined to behave in an actively hostile fashion" or it also could be "Intense or harsh approach towards other things or beings.

This aggressive nature could be shown in graphology. It is shown by the strokes going up in the lower zone of y,g,j,etc... See picture.

Notice the hard pressed upstrokes at the end of the 'q', 'y' ,'j', it could also be in the 'g'. This tells that the person is aggressive by nature. This person likes to assert himself in a physical manner and is more often than not physically aggressive. You can see such handwriting in people who play high intensity and physically violent sports like rugby,wrestling,etc...

This can be a positive or a negative trait, because there are certain situations where you need to be aggressive to come out of it. For example people who play sports have to be aggressive, fast bowlers in cricket or football players. On the other hand people who work in offices must be very careful not to offend their customers by their over-aggressiveness.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Are you an Enthusiastic person

Are you Enthusiastic??

Enthusiasm could mean great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause. It could also mean a lively interest in something. It motivates others towards action. It is the confidence you get when doing something. It surely is good to be enthusiastic.

You sure like to be enthusiastic. Lets see what your Handwriting tells about that. It is revealed in your handwriting by the letter 't'. It is related to the size of your cross of 't' or size of your 't' bars, the larger the size of your 't' bars the more enthusiastic you are. A person who has a very small 't' bar length usually has the tag 'lethargic' strongly associated to him. Usually people with medium sized t bars are also enthusiastic but to a lesser degree than those with long sized ones.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

What do you do to kill time - scribble something (doodles)??? - continued

This post is continued from 'What do you do to kill time - scribble something (doodles)???' see Part 1 here.

If your drawing has a variety of slants, then you are probably a very versatile person, and may be sometimes inconsistent in your behaviour. You are capable of doing many things competently.

If you draw tic-tac-toe symbols, you are a person to like competition, appreciate thinking and probably you are also a good planner.

If a doodler keeps writing check marks, that is ticks then, it points that the doodler may be skeptic. He needs encouragement. He might instinctively or habitually doubt or question, or disagree with assertions or generally accepted conclusions.

Pictures of ugly faces tells that the doodler has fear of others or self at that instant of time. It might also be a dislike of other people or self.

If you keep drawing brackets, it indicates you like to study facts and enjoy solving problems. You are a person who focuses on the problem as stated, synthesizes all the information and then achieve a solution.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What do you do to kill time - scribble something (doodles)???

What do you do when you are really bored, most probably if you see a pencil and a paper, you start scribbling something aimlessly on the paper, but did you know , even this has a specific meaning??

A doodle is to scribble aimlessly, especially when preoccupied, this is done to kill time. So what do you scribble or draw on the paper.

Right slanted doodles indicates progressiveness, and new ideas.

Left slanted doodles show caution and hesitation, a secretive mood. If the shape looks something like a cube it also means a practical and a logical mind.

Toothpick doodles might show a desire to be in the limelight, and might also be a exaggerated ego.

A person who keeps drawing beautiful pictures is a lover of beauty and nature, it could be a lovely picture of eyes or a beautiful scenery.

So, you think you are very diplomatic ??

This post tells you about the persons ability to being diplomatic. One of the traits about this character can be found in lower-case m's and n's.

In general if the second hump in the m is larger than the first hump, that is it slopes downwards, this person tends to be diplomatic. The more the slope, more diplomatic the person is.
Diplomatic means, using tact and sensitivity in dealing with others' remarks about you.
Many successful people are diplomatic, think of Michael Jordan!!.

If it is the other way round, that is if the lowercase m's and n's are sloping upwards, then the person tends to be more self conscious. The degree of self-consciousness depends on the slope of the m or n. Self conscious means excessively conscious of one's appearance or manner and how he/she is perceived by others. This means dependence on public opinion. This could sometimes lead to a feeling of pride and arrogance.