Friday, December 21, 2007

Ever wondered how smart you are

Have you wondered how smart you are compared to other people, if the answer is yes , then I suggest you take an IQ test .
Yes it is not related to handwriting , or is it ?

You'll figure it out .

IQ stands for intelligence quotient . It attempts to measure your general intellectual ability.

Modern standard IQ tests are based on how your brain works on six unique dimensions namely short term memory, pattern recognition , logical , spatial , mathematical and verbal abilities.

If interested I suggest that people can try the tests offered by tickle , it also gives a free detailed report.

There are many other websites available which offers free iq tests.

I hope you enjoyed the post even though it wasn't at all related to graphology. Can you guess how your intellegence is related to handwriting ???
(Hint : most commonly letters 'm' and 'n')