Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Are you optimistic person or a pessimist

Your baseline slope can tell if you are an optimistic person or a pessimist.

Baseline is how a line looks like in your handwriting on a sheet of paper. See pictures for clear understanding.

If baseline is ascending :
This person has high hopes and ambitions. He believes that tomorrow and day after is bound to be better than today. He is capable of bouncing back from bad situations.

If baseline is straight :
This person is very practical. He has the right proportion of enthusiasm. He bases his decisions on facts purely , doesn't allow emotions to come in his way.

If baseline slopes down :
This person might be feeling depressed at the time of writing , he normally has a pessimistic attitude. He gives up easily and generally has no hopes at all.

If baseline first slopes up, then descends :
This person gets increasingly optimistic in most situations, but he will come back when he comes to terms with reality. His optimistic character is similar to a yo-yo , he gets more and more optimistic as he proceeds , but comes back to the starting stage ( back to normal) at the end of it.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Are you sensitive to criticism ?

Hey , do you feel bad and hurt when someone scolds or criticises you , you curse people in your mind when they say " You look pathetic in that dress" . Does your heart sink when someone tells you are not doing well, then this indicates that you are sensitive to criticism.

One can find this in how people write their small letters 'd' and 't'.

If your small letter 'd' has a loop in it's stem , then you are sensitive to criticism in your personal matters like looks, appearance, etc.

If your small letter 't' has a loop in it's stem , then may be sensitive to criticism in intellectual and philosophical matters.