Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let's Have some Fun now

Now let's Have some fun , take a plain sheet and write the the following in it. Don't cheat or look down.

"I know that I am here to achieve. Everything in the world will be going my way . I might become a millionaire and I will work for it. That sounds very exciting. I am going to start tomorrow , why tomorrow i will start today , now!!"

Your signature

Now scroll down , and know about yourself , take your time

Slant :
Your slant, it is determined by seeing the upstrokes. If the whole matter you write appears to be tilted to right, you are emotionally expressive (in correct terms extrovert ). You are capable of expressing your views clearly to others and you are somewhat a heart ruled person. If the matter appears straight, it indicates your ability to take decisions based on facts, emotions has not much role to play. If it appears left , it indicates that you are a socially withdrawn person.Read the post on Slant for more.

Size :
If the size of your writing is smaller, compared to the average size, then you have the ability to focus extremely well and concentrate. You can enjoy working without being in the limelight. If it is medium, it indicates you are a well balanced person. Read the post on Size for more.

Where you cross your small letter 't' :
1. If your t bar is above the stem, you have a very high self esteem and sometimes tend to be a dreamer.

2. If your t bar is very high, and is touching the top of stem, then you have very high self confidence and self esteem. It also tells that , you can plan ahead well. You are confident about what you do, and normally end up on the correct side of the coin more often . Such people are often very successful.

3. If your t bars are crossed in the middle, it suggests that you are a practical person and you set goals only which you think you can reach.

4. If your t bars are crossed very low, it is an indication that you ,might get caught in a bad situation for too long, you may find it hard to come out of it.

Size of your t bar :
If your t bar is long , it says that you are a very enthusiastic person and vice-versa . That is, people with short t bars generally lack enthusiasm. And you might have a hot temper if the bar is only to the right of the stem.

Your small letter 'o' :
See how you write the small letter 'o', it'll reveal how honest , you really are,
1. if your 'o' is clean and just a round without any loops inside, then you are willing to communicate honestly and directly , but you can keep up secrets if really required. This also shows candidness of the person.

2. An unlooped open 'o' indicates that you are a talkative person.

3. If you have a small loop at the top , it means that any secret will always be safe with you, and you will not open it up to anyone. If you have a large loop , you can find this in children, you do lie , it might be for the good also. And beware of the next trait,

4. a double loop in the small 'o' indicates a big liar. Whenever you see a person like this, it is advisable to be alert .

Your small letter 'i' :
Here you have to look at the positioning of the dot. If the dot is like a small circle , it says that you enjoy being in the limelight. If the dot appears exactly above the stem of i , then you do have an attention for details, if the dot is to the right, you are optimistic, if it is to the left , you tend to look back at things.

Your small letters m and n :
1. If the humps in your m and n are curved and like inverted 'u' , then you are a cumulative thinker, you want each and every fact before coming to a decision, you take your own time and do things systematically. You are not tired of repeating the same tasks again and again. In an argument , you normally lose out, and think after a while what you should have said 20-30 minutes ago. Such a trait is valuable when one needs to work and perform the same tasks over and over in the office daily.

2. If the humps in your 'm' and 'n' are razor sharp , then you are a very quick thinker and often win arguments. You are also a quick decision maker, you might get irritated when other people cannot react or size up as fast as you can. You are a comprehensive thinker and you have a very very fast thinking brain.

Your small letter g's and y's : The thing to look out for here is your lower loops in g's and y's. It indicates your sexual reactivity. If you have a medium sized g and y loop which comes up to the baseline , it indicates a healthy sexual life, and you react normally.If the loop is really large then you know what it means isn't it. You are easily excited .... . If you have a very narrow loop not coming up to the baseline, then it indicates a sexually weak person. These letters give a measure of your physical drives.

Your signature Underline your signature : Healthy ego and self importance.
Signature way too large : Gives much importance to himself.
Signature slanting upwards : Good professional ambition. The degree of the slant tells about the intensity of the ambition.
family name included in signature : Importance given to family.

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