Saturday, June 16, 2007

Know your Handwriting , Know Yourself

Naturally I have an interest in psychology. Psychologists use tests for personality evaluation. I think the way we write also depends on the way we think at that particular instant. That's one reason I think the art of graphology (handwriting) is fun. It gives you a chance to connect with people. 

I got introduced to graphology while working on a group project during my second semester while I was a bachelor's student.I personally like to see if the connection between what they think at that particular moment and what they write on paper makes intuitive sense. 

There are claims that handwriting analysis based on a serious study and observation of human behavior and connection between brain and hand while writing. Studies and Research on handwriting analysis date back 1600's. A handwritten sheet by you can be thought of as a mirror of your personality.

An understanding of Graphology could possibly help you to
(1)Discover the limitations that are blocking you
(2)Recognize your hidden talent, and to some extent predict you what you can achieve.
(3)Can make initial assumptions about other's behavior (Of-course a sound judgement can be made only after some observations over time) .

If you have any experience of making use of graphology and how it has helped you , feel free to share it, and I will find a way to put it up on the blog with due credit. There are enough articles around talking about how handwriting has become a lost art with new technologies, and I believe it is true to certain extent. Just how many of us write something on paper on a regular basis ? That is something to think about.

Check for yourself, if graphology is accurate in your case by taking a Free Self Test (this will link to another post from this blog) 

Few things someone analyzing your handwriting might check while seeing your handwriting.

Handwriting Tip 1 : The loop inside the small letters 'a' and 'o' indicate that a person's tendency to be honest, secretive or otherwise.

Handwriting Tip 2 : Loops in the stem of your small 'd' or 't' which indicate sensitivity to criticism

Handwriting Tip  3: Your 't' bars and length of 't' bars which could signify goals, ambitions, enthusiasm, etc.

Handwriting Tip 4: Your caps letter 'I', and the lower loops in 'g' and 'y'


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