Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Know Graphology Better - Size

Know what the size of your handwriting indicates , here is a self explanatory note

Very Small to small writing:
Tiny writing indicates the writer's ability to concentrate and focus extremely well. People with this style go into the details of whatever they do. They don't like to waste time and energy. People with this handwriting, have extreme ability to focus on their work. They may not be socially very much active.They have a keen sense of observation. The smaller the writing the more is the ability to concentrate.

Medium or Average Sized writing:
This writer is a well balanced person and have a healthy mind. Often they make good businessmen. They have the ability to grasp worldly things quickly. They are normally socially outgoing people.

Large Sized writing:
It indicates more of an active but restless mind. These people are self reliant and also they have the ability to influence others. They rate themselves highly , and don't like to be criticized. You can see that many actors have large sized writing. Page 3 personalities are classic examples for this type of writing.

Very Large Sized writing :These people have a very high ego , they are also very sensitive to criticism. They never like to be criticised and tend to be more egoistic than others . They are socially very very active.


Iliana said...

Your blog is great. I really enjoy it. I was always thinking about why my handwriting is like that and how I can change it (I don't really like the way that I write), so your blog gave me a lot of info about that.
I wish you good luck with this.

Anonymous said...

It would be very nice if you could include examples of different handwriting. Anyway, thank you very much writing this blog! I did learn a few things, so thank you!