Thursday, June 21, 2007

Know Graphology Better - Slant

This is a short note on slant. I write this, because I have an interest in this relatively less known science. A word of warning - please don't go about changing your (or other's) handwriting based on what you read here. It might not solve your problem, it's best to get some good advice from people who have studied the subject, in fact it could prove dangerous.

This would be true especially if there are parts in your handwriting which shows contrasting characters. For example, if some part of the writing indicates the person to be "emotionally withdrawn" and another  "tends to get angry very fast", then, if someone gets conscious and tries to change one of it without thinking about the other, it could cause problems. Probably didn't get it right, read on , you will know about it.

The first basic concept of handwriting analysis is something known as zones. You always imagine a line of handwriting, being divided into three equal parts.These are known as zones and are classified into upper , middle and the lower zones. The upper zone tells something about intellectual and spiritual thoughts , the middle zone speaks of your social ethics and your daily life routines, the lower zone stands for your physical drives.

Whenever a person looks at a handwriting which is to be analysed the first thing one looks for is the overall slant . I would think of it as the same thing what we do when we want to make a particular decision about someone else. We will try and focus on the whole personality rather than just one or two positives or negatives.

The slant is, how the matter generally looks like on the paper , it has mainly three categories (i) leans towards the left (left slant). (ii) vertically upright (straight). (iii) leans towards right (right slant) .

What it says :
If it leans to the left to a large extent, it means that the person tends to be withdrawn to himself. He usually doesn't like to mix up with the people around. Such a person may have experienced a very bad tragedy earlier in his life and is not so optimistic about the future. It could be that he keeps looking at something that's happened in the past, is deeply effected by it and its stopping him from looking towards the future.

If it is vertically upright or very slightly leaning towards right , this person is ruled by his head and not by heart. This is a very positive trait one can have. Emotions have no or very less roll to play in the decisions he makes. All his decisions are based on logic and thinking. When someone asks him a favor, he needs to know all the facts , any emotional stories will have minimal effect on the writer in general.

If the handwriting is leaning towards right , then this person is ruled more by his heart rather than brain. Such a person tends to be emotionally expressive. The more it leans towards right , the more is the feelings shown by such a person. A sad story will have an affect on him and he could be moved. Such people tend to be very good actors as they are able readily express emotions.

So, do you think graphology is accurate in your case ? Check for yourself, if graphology is accurate for you  by taking a Free Self Test (this will link to another post from this blog) 


Admin said...

Good analysis on handwriting. But, I have a different opinion. I am not sure how this analysis applies to people who were trained to write in a certain way. As far as I know, some of the schools teach handwriting as a skill at a very young age.

I have amazed at the handwriting of Engineers from Philippines. They have a special handwriting skill, looks more like a print from a drafting software. They used to tell me that they are trained that way.

The comments are only my perception and nothing to belittle your excellent post. Keep up the good work.

Anyway, I like your change in text color now. At least, the title and content are very clearly demarcated.

Blogger Bhaiyya said...


Brilliant Idea-- a very nice topic to blog about.

I have personally done some work on Handwriting Analysis and believe that its an amanzing field.

Roll on..

Handwriting expert said...

I can't wait to see your examples of how your handwriting has evolved! I am obsessed with the different forms that hand writing takes. I love collecting old postcards just to see the writing.

Techology Beyond Horizon said...

Handwriting Analysis is the way to communicate yourself. I am also learning it and find very interesting traits about me. I want to know if it can be analyze for children as their handwriting changes frequently.

handwriting analysis said...

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Isha Sharma said...

This one is great and is really a good post. I think it will help me a lot in the related stuff and is very much useful for me. Very well written I appreciate & must say good job.