Monday, June 25, 2007

Know Graphology Better - Pressure

What does pressure indicate ??

Pressure - Pressure is the force a writer applies on the paper while writing. It indicates the emotional depth of the writer. Emotional depth is completely different from how a person reacts (reaction) and expresses his emotion. Emotional depth is how much your six senses feel a situation. The more the pressure the writer applies on the paper, the more he feels the emotions of a situation. For example, if a writer's slant is upright and he uses a lot of pressure , it is something like he forgives but never forgets. The pressure can be felt by running your fingers over the backside of the paper. Of course the pressure also depends on quality of the paper and the pen used.


Admin said...

Thats an interesting post. I never thought about this before. But, looking back at different situations, this might be right. Keep it up friend!

Shshh said...

Nice blog ... Can I know which book you refer for graphology ?

Aditya said...

@shshh :
I had a project related to graphology a few years ago, so I had gone through various sources.