Saturday, June 30, 2007

Do you make friends easily ?, Are you self-disciplined ?

This is one of the interesting topics  - Margins , this can be used only when you have a full sheet of writing. Your right margin can give you an indication of how easily you can make friends.

It deals with the amount of space you leave blank in a paper

Wide Upper margin :
This shows formality, modesty of the writer and respect for the reader. Normally formal letters are written this way. Whereas narrow lower margin indicates informality, we write letters to our friends like this.

Wide lower margin:
This shows superficiality in the mind of the writer and to some extent idealism, whereas a very narrow lower margin indicates fatigue or may be depression.

Even left margin:
This shows self discipline and good manners in the writer, but a wide and even left margin shows self respect, good cultural background.

Even right margin:
This is rare and uncommon. This indicates intolerance and rigidness of the writer, a wide and even right margin , might mean that the person has a fear of future.

The right margin shows the distance you keep between yourself and others around you , the more the distance, the more the distance you keep from others.


MADg said...

Interesting info about graphology! It was fun comparing what you have said with my characters. :)
By the way, you have a great blog! Very clean and neat... It looks cool!

Anonymous said...

very nice information indeed!

i have a query though, what does it mean if the "p" does not close?

A friend said...

it could mean a lot, it depends on how it ends ,(whether it hooks or not),a p which does not close could mean enterprenual or business mind, it could be a person who enjoys material success