Friday, June 29, 2007

Are You always Irritated

I am now going to share with you , what I think is a very interesting aspect of graphology , Do you always get irritated , or you have seen someone who gets easily irritated , just read on. Why someone tries to ignore you or you have a grudge against others ?

Someone who holds onto things for too long and always holds on to his philosophies :
This person will have ending hooks in letters.

Someone whose resentment is clearly shown in his face:
This person has letters which look like a rod leaning to the next letter.

Someone who is very talkative:
Small letters 'a' and 'o' open and not fully closed.

Someone who doesn't like to listen to the authority and gets irritated when given specific orders by the authority:
A very large sized small letter 'k'.

Someone who is not willing to face things at the moment:
One or more loops on the left side of small letters 'a' , 'o' 


Anonymous said...

This was a nice article to read, thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, it was quite helpful and told a lot

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic view of the situation, I don’t think I’ve quite seen it from that perspective before.

Muthu Kumaran said...

Hi Please update the pics. I am not able to see it.. Without pics I feel difficult to grasp.. But the articles so far is nice

Aditya said...

Hey, Muthu Kumaran, turned out that the blog pictures were integrated with google+ and accidentally I deleted that folder from g+.

The old files are on another system which I dont have access to. I dont know yet about a way to get back the blog-pics folder from g+ ?

Making new pictures would be difficult for me right now, (cant find enough free time for this),but will see and try to do what i can though it might take some time

Muthu Kumaran said...

My Bad Luck then :)