Friday, December 21, 2007

Ever wondered how smart you are

Have you wondered how smart you are compared to other people, if the answer is yes , then I suggest you take an IQ test .
Yes it is not related to handwriting , or is it ?

You'll figure it out .

IQ stands for intelligence quotient . It attempts to measure your general intellectual ability.

Modern standard IQ tests are based on how your brain works on six unique dimensions namely short term memory, pattern recognition , logical , spatial , mathematical and verbal abilities.

If interested I suggest that people can try the tests offered by tickle , it also gives a free detailed report.

There are many other websites available which offers free iq tests.

I hope you enjoyed the post even though it wasn't at all related to graphology. Can you guess how your intellegence is related to handwriting ???
(Hint : most commonly letters 'm' and 'n')

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Are you optimistic person or a pessimist

Your baseline slope can tell if you are an optimistic person or a pessimist.

Baseline is how a line looks like in your handwriting on a sheet of paper. See pictures for clear understanding.

If baseline is ascending :
This person has high hopes and ambitions. He believes that tomorrow and day after is bound to be better than today. He is capable of bouncing back from bad situations.

If baseline is straight :
This person is very practical. He has the right proportion of enthusiasm. He bases his decisions on facts purely , doesn't allow emotions to come in his way.

If baseline slopes down :
This person might be feeling depressed at the time of writing , he normally has a pessimistic attitude. He gives up easily and generally has no hopes at all.

If baseline first slopes up, then descends :
This person gets increasingly optimistic in most situations, but he will come back when he comes to terms with reality. His optimistic character is similar to a yo-yo , he gets more and more optimistic as he proceeds , but comes back to the starting stage ( back to normal) at the end of it.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Are you sensitive to criticism ?

Hey , do you feel bad and hurt when someone scolds or criticises you , you curse people in your mind when they say " You look pathetic in that dress" . Does your heart sink when someone tells you are not doing well, then this indicates that you are sensitive to criticism.

One can find this in how people write their small letters 'd' and 't'.

If your small letter 'd' has a loop in it's stem , then you are sensitive to criticism in your personal matters like looks, appearance, etc.

If your small letter 't' has a loop in it's stem , then may be sensitive to criticism in intellectual and philosophical matters.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Do you make friends easily ?, Are you self-disciplined ?

This is one of the interesting topics  - Margins , this can be used only when you have a full sheet of writing. Your right margin can give you an indication of how easily you can make friends.

It deals with the amount of space you leave blank in a paper

Wide Upper margin :
This shows formality, modesty of the writer and respect for the reader. Normally formal letters are written this way. Whereas narrow lower margin indicates informality, we write letters to our friends like this.

Wide lower margin:
This shows superficiality in the mind of the writer and to some extent idealism, whereas a very narrow lower margin indicates fatigue or may be depression.

Even left margin:
This shows self discipline and good manners in the writer, but a wide and even left margin shows self respect, good cultural background.

Even right margin:
This is rare and uncommon. This indicates intolerance and rigidness of the writer, a wide and even right margin , might mean that the person has a fear of future.

The right margin shows the distance you keep between yourself and others around you , the more the distance, the more the distance you keep from others.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Are You always Irritated

I am now going to share with you , what I think is a very interesting aspect of graphology , Do you always get irritated , or you have seen someone who gets easily irritated , just read on. Why someone tries to ignore you or you have a grudge against others ?

Someone who holds onto things for too long and always holds on to his philosophies :
This person will have ending hooks in letters.

Someone whose resentment is clearly shown in his face:
This person has letters which look like a rod leaning to the next letter.

Someone who is very talkative:
Small letters 'a' and 'o' open and not fully closed.

Someone who doesn't like to listen to the authority and gets irritated when given specific orders by the authority:
A very large sized small letter 'k'.

Someone who is not willing to face things at the moment:
One or more loops on the left side of small letters 'a' , 'o' 

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let's Have some Fun now

Now let's Have some fun , take a plain sheet and write the the following in it. Don't cheat or look down.

"I know that I am here to achieve. Everything in the world will be going my way . I might become a millionaire and I will work for it. That sounds very exciting. I am going to start tomorrow , why tomorrow i will start today , now!!"

Your signature

Now scroll down , and know about yourself , take your time

Slant :
Your slant, it is determined by seeing the upstrokes. If the whole matter you write appears to be tilted to right, you are emotionally expressive (in correct terms extrovert ). You are capable of expressing your views clearly to others and you are somewhat a heart ruled person. If the matter appears straight, it indicates your ability to take decisions based on facts, emotions has not much role to play. If it appears left , it indicates that you are a socially withdrawn person.Read the post on Slant for more.

Size :
If the size of your writing is smaller, compared to the average size, then you have the ability to focus extremely well and concentrate. You can enjoy working without being in the limelight. If it is medium, it indicates you are a well balanced person. Read the post on Size for more.

Where you cross your small letter 't' :
1. If your t bar is above the stem, you have a very high self esteem and sometimes tend to be a dreamer.

2. If your t bar is very high, and is touching the top of stem, then you have very high self confidence and self esteem. It also tells that , you can plan ahead well. You are confident about what you do, and normally end up on the correct side of the coin more often . Such people are often very successful.

3. If your t bars are crossed in the middle, it suggests that you are a practical person and you set goals only which you think you can reach.

4. If your t bars are crossed very low, it is an indication that you ,might get caught in a bad situation for too long, you may find it hard to come out of it.

Size of your t bar :
If your t bar is long , it says that you are a very enthusiastic person and vice-versa . That is, people with short t bars generally lack enthusiasm. And you might have a hot temper if the bar is only to the right of the stem.

Your small letter 'o' :
See how you write the small letter 'o', it'll reveal how honest , you really are,
1. if your 'o' is clean and just a round without any loops inside, then you are willing to communicate honestly and directly , but you can keep up secrets if really required. This also shows candidness of the person.

2. An unlooped open 'o' indicates that you are a talkative person.

3. If you have a small loop at the top , it means that any secret will always be safe with you, and you will not open it up to anyone. If you have a large loop , you can find this in children, you do lie , it might be for the good also. And beware of the next trait,

4. a double loop in the small 'o' indicates a big liar. Whenever you see a person like this, it is advisable to be alert .

Your small letter 'i' :
Here you have to look at the positioning of the dot. If the dot is like a small circle , it says that you enjoy being in the limelight. If the dot appears exactly above the stem of i , then you do have an attention for details, if the dot is to the right, you are optimistic, if it is to the left , you tend to look back at things.

Your small letters m and n :
1. If the humps in your m and n are curved and like inverted 'u' , then you are a cumulative thinker, you want each and every fact before coming to a decision, you take your own time and do things systematically. You are not tired of repeating the same tasks again and again. In an argument , you normally lose out, and think after a while what you should have said 20-30 minutes ago. Such a trait is valuable when one needs to work and perform the same tasks over and over in the office daily.

2. If the humps in your 'm' and 'n' are razor sharp , then you are a very quick thinker and often win arguments. You are also a quick decision maker, you might get irritated when other people cannot react or size up as fast as you can. You are a comprehensive thinker and you have a very very fast thinking brain.

Your small letter g's and y's : The thing to look out for here is your lower loops in g's and y's. It indicates your sexual reactivity. If you have a medium sized g and y loop which comes up to the baseline , it indicates a healthy sexual life, and you react normally.If the loop is really large then you know what it means isn't it. You are easily excited .... . If you have a very narrow loop not coming up to the baseline, then it indicates a sexually weak person. These letters give a measure of your physical drives.

Your signature Underline your signature : Healthy ego and self importance.
Signature way too large : Gives much importance to himself.
Signature slanting upwards : Good professional ambition. The degree of the slant tells about the intensity of the ambition.
family name included in signature : Importance given to family.

Also see the video here

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Know Graphology Better - Size

Know what the size of your handwriting indicates , here is a self explanatory note

Very Small to small writing:
Tiny writing indicates the writer's ability to concentrate and focus extremely well. People with this style go into the details of whatever they do. They don't like to waste time and energy. People with this handwriting, have extreme ability to focus on their work. They may not be socially very much active.They have a keen sense of observation. The smaller the writing the more is the ability to concentrate.

Medium or Average Sized writing:
This writer is a well balanced person and have a healthy mind. Often they make good businessmen. They have the ability to grasp worldly things quickly. They are normally socially outgoing people.

Large Sized writing:
It indicates more of an active but restless mind. These people are self reliant and also they have the ability to influence others. They rate themselves highly , and don't like to be criticized. You can see that many actors have large sized writing. Page 3 personalities are classic examples for this type of writing.

Very Large Sized writing :These people have a very high ego , they are also very sensitive to criticism. They never like to be criticised and tend to be more egoistic than others . They are socially very very active.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Know Graphology Better - Pressure

What does pressure indicate ??

Pressure - Pressure is the force a writer applies on the paper while writing. It indicates the emotional depth of the writer. Emotional depth is completely different from how a person reacts (reaction) and expresses his emotion. Emotional depth is how much your six senses feel a situation. The more the pressure the writer applies on the paper, the more he feels the emotions of a situation. For example, if a writer's slant is upright and he uses a lot of pressure , it is something like he forgives but never forgets. The pressure can be felt by running your fingers over the backside of the paper. Of course the pressure also depends on quality of the paper and the pen used.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Know Graphology Better - Slant

This is a short note on slant. I write this, because I have an interest in this relatively less known science. A word of warning - please don't go about changing your (or other's) handwriting based on what you read here. It might not solve your problem, it's best to get some good advice from people who have studied the subject, in fact it could prove dangerous.

This would be true especially if there are parts in your handwriting which shows contrasting characters. For example, if some part of the writing indicates the person to be "emotionally withdrawn" and another  "tends to get angry very fast", then, if someone gets conscious and tries to change one of it without thinking about the other, it could cause problems. Probably didn't get it right, read on , you will know about it.

The first basic concept of handwriting analysis is something known as zones. You always imagine a line of handwriting, being divided into three equal parts.These are known as zones and are classified into upper , middle and the lower zones. The upper zone tells something about intellectual and spiritual thoughts , the middle zone speaks of your social ethics and your daily life routines, the lower zone stands for your physical drives.

Whenever a person looks at a handwriting which is to be analysed the first thing one looks for is the overall slant . I would think of it as the same thing what we do when we want to make a particular decision about someone else. We will try and focus on the whole personality rather than just one or two positives or negatives.

The slant is, how the matter generally looks like on the paper , it has mainly three categories (i) leans towards the left (left slant). (ii) vertically upright (straight). (iii) leans towards right (right slant) .

What it says :
If it leans to the left to a large extent, it means that the person tends to be withdrawn to himself. He usually doesn't like to mix up with the people around. Such a person may have experienced a very bad tragedy earlier in his life and is not so optimistic about the future. It could be that he keeps looking at something that's happened in the past, is deeply effected by it and its stopping him from looking towards the future.

If it is vertically upright or very slightly leaning towards right , this person is ruled by his head and not by heart. This is a very positive trait one can have. Emotions have no or very less roll to play in the decisions he makes. All his decisions are based on logic and thinking. When someone asks him a favor, he needs to know all the facts , any emotional stories will have minimal effect on the writer in general.

If the handwriting is leaning towards right , then this person is ruled more by his heart rather than brain. Such a person tends to be emotionally expressive. The more it leans towards right , the more is the feelings shown by such a person. A sad story will have an affect on him and he could be moved. Such people tend to be very good actors as they are able readily express emotions.

So, do you think graphology is accurate in your case ? Check for yourself, if graphology is accurate for you  by taking a Free Self Test (this will link to another post from this blog) 

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Know your Handwriting , Know Yourself

Naturally I have an interest in psychology. Psychologists use tests for personality evaluation. I think the way we write also depends on the way we think at that particular instant. That's one reason I think the art of graphology (handwriting) is fun. It gives you a chance to connect with people. 

I got introduced to graphology while working on a group project during my second semester while I was a bachelor's student.I personally like to see if the connection between what they think at that particular moment and what they write on paper makes intuitive sense. 

There are claims that handwriting analysis based on a serious study and observation of human behavior and connection between brain and hand while writing. Studies and Research on handwriting analysis date back 1600's. A handwritten sheet by you can be thought of as a mirror of your personality.

An understanding of Graphology could possibly help you to
(1)Discover the limitations that are blocking you
(2)Recognize your hidden talent, and to some extent predict you what you can achieve.
(3)Can make initial assumptions about other's behavior (Of-course a sound judgement can be made only after some observations over time) .

If you have any experience of making use of graphology and how it has helped you , feel free to share it, and I will find a way to put it up on the blog with due credit. There are enough articles around talking about how handwriting has become a lost art with new technologies, and I believe it is true to certain extent. Just how many of us write something on paper on a regular basis ? That is something to think about.

Check for yourself, if graphology is accurate in your case by taking a Free Self Test (this will link to another post from this blog) 

Few things someone analyzing your handwriting might check while seeing your handwriting.

Handwriting Tip 1 : The loop inside the small letters 'a' and 'o' indicate that a person's tendency to be honest, secretive or otherwise.

Handwriting Tip 2 : Loops in the stem of your small 'd' or 't' which indicate sensitivity to criticism

Handwriting Tip  3: Your 't' bars and length of 't' bars which could signify goals, ambitions, enthusiasm, etc.

Handwriting Tip 4: Your caps letter 'I', and the lower loops in 'g' and 'y'